Antidote to Nihilism: A New Project



Lately, I’ve observed a tendency in my own life that seems to be indicating a cyclical pattern between nihilism and self-destructive behavior. The inherent meaninglessness of life seems to be bothering me and provides me no incentive to do anything. Sure there are existentialist solutions to this meaninglessness, which all fundamentally resolve to finding and creating one’s own meaning and values. But even if that’s true, how do you do that? That has been a big question that is still open for me. In hindsight of this, I’m planning to start a writing project, called Antidote to Nihilism, that intends to explore nihilism and find concrete strategies to overcome it. It may be a book, a series of blog posts, or even a single article. I don’t know what solution I might come up with but I’m planning to commit to it – even if it is death.  

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