Evolution, Creative Ontology, and Deleuze-Guattari Against Freud




The Lobster Affair dominates the post-enlightenment discourse, despite God’s demise, fragile cultivations under its non-existent shadow. Particularly the case of Jordan Peterson. He is not the primary target of my critique, for in all arrogance I deem him incapable of being my enemy. Rather he represents, as expected, Jungian Representationalism. A return to the Self, the essence; be it Christian or Non-Christian, Religious or Evolutionary. 

Now a jump. Consciousness differentiates humans and non-human animals, it defines itself in this stark difference. What is the nature of it? The problem of consciousness inquires. And connected lay other ‘metaphysical’ questions – free will, meta-ethical foundations, and the like. Here, I speculate something radical. Something which I have no tools to verify the rigor of and even the rigor of the supposed ‘rigor’. It will be developed in further books. But what if we were the final product of evolution itself, ironically the final destination of the perpetual beginning of becoming? The essence of change, of flux. The Anti-essential essence.

It holds maximal explanatory power on the knowledge of what Is, let alone what could Become. Consider the individual engaging in the most self-detrimental act, alcoholism as a trivial case. A malleable nature, the nature of malleability, allows the possibility of extreme change, actions against the will, that can even cause our demise. Malleability in particular strains, facets of it that we pursue. Human connection as an abstraction of flux, or any ‘common’ human behaviors as examples. Even I concede, that a set of limited particulars seem to exist as “commonalities” of human nature.

As a result, an exploration of language reveals through its epistemic value, what is ‘epistemic’, our ontological nature, and even that of reality. In particular, I suspect it reveals the Nietzschean-Deleuzean ontology of becoming: A Creative Ontology.

A non-distant unrelated note, although my knowledge of Deleuze-Guattari isn’t sufficient to confirm their distaste of psychoanalysis, the following comment should be relevant. Critique goes as follows – Individuals can be driven not merely on a lack rather the affirmative force of desire. While that holds, the third Metamorphose, the Child – in Nietzschean terms, I suspect most humanity aren’t even Camels. On a subjective note, I was chained by representationalism along with other neurosis until psychoanalytic-somatic analysis. Perhaps our outlook should be analysis as liberating becoming. Hence, the proposal of beyond-analysis (in the soon-to-be-published The Fractured Zeitgeist), a combination of phenomenology and linguistics, somatics and psychoanalysis. What if there rests our key of necessity, for the birthing grounds of the Child? As a process of destruction – neurosis, perceptions, identities, and the ‘Self’. A strategic descent into Nihilism, the revaluation of all values.

Perhaps the winds are turning in wait for Higher History. For Gods about to walk on earth.


Krishna, Niranjan. “Truth, Certainty and Language.” 2023.

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